About us

We started work in 2005 with a desire to contribute to environmental protection by removing polyethylene waste from the market and recycling it to granules. Every year we have accumulated experience from operational activity and from our clients’ needs. We have constantly communicated with our customers to understand their requirements and have made quality products.

Only by listening to the needs of our customers we were able to achieve an efficient and sustainable production process. We recycle 2,000 tons of polyethylene waste every year and offer our clients the perfect tailored pellets for injection, blowing and blowing.

We are working with direct waste generators, helping to meet the environmental burden of managing packaging.

Since 2005, we have contributed to a circular economy, returning to the real economic cycle waste that pollutes the environment.

In 2019 we are developing an investment for doubling the production capacity, new products and consolidation of the company’s position in our region.

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